Volleyball Tactics – How to Position the Players

In every sport positioning the players correctly often holds the key to winning or losing – soccer, baseball, football or volleyball. To appropriately put the right strength in use is very important in games today that survive on strategizing. What is the strength of a certain player? What is the ideal position for him or her? The answers to these questions decide the whole strategy of games like volleyball where player positions are extremely important.

Let’s now look at some of the pointers on how to decide on player positions in a volleyball field.

o Tall players should ideally stay in the front. They will stay close to the net, receive the ball well and spike it to the opponent’s court. It is easier for taller people to spike the ball better to the ground.

o Building up a strong line of defense and offense is equally important. You need both attackers and blockers placed strategically.

o Setters are the backbone of offense. They will be positioned such that they can receive the ball well and place it strategically within their court for a player to receive it and send it across the net. If the setter places the ball rightly to the right person then the receiver can aim the ball well while sending it off to the opponent’s court.

o Liberos will be positioned such that they can attack the ball right away once it is served.

o Hitters are placed at the middle of the court or along the borders. When set by setter, the hitters reach the ball quickly and hit it across the court. Hitters can be good spikers too.

Next is the formation. So you know who goes where but now you need to decide how those positions are placed in the court. One of the popular arrangements are the six two formation where six attackers are set in the middle of the court and near the net. Of them two would work as setters and the other four as plain hitters. You can also have a five one formation where only one setter is positioned are the rest play as attackers. This formation can be changed within the course of a game based on the outcome. A game of volleyball is extremely dynamic and one will need to think on their feet to have success in this game. Remember keeping your position and performing your task is equally important in this game.

Once the positions and formations are decided, then that should be clearly conveyed to the team as confusion often leads to wastage of time and bad playing. Also it is important that the team captain keeps an eye on the players and whether they are holding on to their correct positions or not. It will also be the captain’s duty to communicate with the coach or the manager and then with the team members on changes in strategy and positions during the course of the play. The captain’s position brings along with it power and as famously said with power comes responsibility.

Nicole Thomas

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