Tonight’s Major Celebration – K&N Chilly Air Intakes vs AEM Chilly Air Intakes

Welcome to the air intake struggle royale, exactly where we force K&N Intakes and AEM Intakes to combat to the loss of life…or at the very least until we have a very clear winner holding the title of “Greatest consumption for your vehicle.” At confront price, there are some similarities among these two fighters–the two pack amazing pipes with the tests and instruction an ingestion desires to be a champion. We suspect the refined dissimilarities are wherever the fight will be won hope neither to be knocked out but alternatively jabbed into a bloody, stumbling, slurred submission.

In the black, purple and orange corner we have K&N, the taller, heavier, more established fighter of the two. Positive, they’ve been slugging it out with other contenders for additional than 30 years, a lot like an aged and grizzled fighter like Evander Holyfield. But, unlike Holyfield, K&N is sharper than at any time, even now packs quite a wallop, has their ears intact, and no person is begging them to quit for their have great. K&N’s edge comes from not only becoming the undisputed winner consumption, but also from staying the model that pretty much invented the activity.

AEM struts in as the challenger a slimmer, more quickly, younger fighter sporting flashy red and yellow trunks. Buoyed by more recent know-how and plenty of help in the activity compact realm, AEM’s plan is to acquire the lumbering K&N with velocity, quickness and top quality punches. This challenger firmly believes they’re ushering in a new era of ingestion overall performance, structure and routine maintenance.

The bell rings, and the two consumption makes dance towards just about every other. They occur collectively, and K&N lands a pleasant two-punch mix to the nose and jaw, thanks to their consumption tubes. Their crosslink material tubes, available on the vaunted FIPK 57 Series and 63 Series Air Charger intakes, preserve the incoming volumes of air significantly cooler than the metal tubes utilized with each individual AEM. Not to mention the price–crosslink plastic tubing will help a kit price tag significantly less. But, AEM depends on its clean footwork to land a stinging gut shot, thanks to the dressy search of their pipes, which are marginally nicer in phrases of motor compartment appears even when pitted towards K&N’s 69 and 77 Sequence.

AEM also rallies to operate K&N into the corner with Brute Power, their brawny truck and SUV consumption which is attaining street cred by the moment. But, K&N escapes destruction by striking AEM with their 69 collection–an not likely point on the card for the veteran. However AEM has the activity compact large ground, most of the 69 Series is equipped to be configured as a shorter ram consumption or a chilly air consumption drawing from the wheel properly. Then K&N drills AEM in the eye with filter technology, environment off suffocating inflammation. K&N’s cotton-gauze with oil filtration system utilizes its time-examined method and 1,000,000-mile warranty to land a major blow in excess of AEM’s battling bid to equal cotton-gauze performance with an oil-considerably less filter.

Spherical and round they go, trading jabs and the occasional slug that re-engages the group to this clash of now-tiring titans. As the 12th and remaining round passes with many a fist thrown but several landed, the judges should go to the scorecard. Nevertheless AEM takes rounds judged on compact effectiveness and seems less than the hood, K&N wins the struggle by determination with an further 4hp on the dyno for the F-150 with a 5.4L V8, which transpired to be the judges’ trucks. The cooler crosslink tube (which also costs a lot less) aided place K&N in excess of the leading of AEM right here, earning it the existing undisputed belt holder for consumption effectiveness. But, AEM will possible return before long with some new moves in its quest for the title.

Nicole Thomas

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Mon Jun 26 , 2023
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