Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 2 – It is On Once more!

Get in touch with me insane, most people today do, but I believe Chuck Liddell is heading to have a large amount of trouble on December 30, 2006 when he faces Tito Ortiz for the second time.

A minor heritage first.

On April 2, 2004, Tito Ortiz confronted Chuck Liddell in the UFC octagon for the initial time. It was intended to be a war to conclusion all wars, entitled “It’s On!” (i.e. it’s eventually on), producing reference to how extensive lovers had to hold out to lastly see this match up. If memory serves me properly, it was two several years concerning when Chuck was regarded the #1 contender and when we last but not least acquired to see the struggle.

I was at the 2004 fight, $350 seats which didn’t place me on the ground, but I was awfully shut. It was a amazing occasion, I have by no means been to a sporting function like it. There were about 10,000 individuals there, but it sounded like 50,000. There was so much power and 99% of the persons there have been hard main lovers, really into the fights. The followers that night were being break up about 50/50 with who they ended up rooting for.

In the stop, Chuck knocked Tito out early in the second spherical. Tito never did mount an offence and for some purpose decided to stand and trade punches with Chuck as an alternative of having him to the mat. He states he was striving to verify some thing, I imagine it was just a terrible sport program, derived loosely from Randy Couture’s victory over chuck past to this (Randy also traded punches, and received…worth noting that Randy has misplaced to Chuck two times because then, equally by knock out).

So, what will make me believe factors will be distinct this time. Age, maturity, complacency, courage, cardio, expertise and


You see, both equally fighters are 2 1/2 a long time older. The difference remaining that Tito will be 31 vs Chuck’s 37. Anyone more than 40 will tell you that there is a significantly bigger variation between 35 and 37 than there is amongst 29 and 31. Chucks a fantastic athlete and champion, but we all slow down sometime.


Once again, we are not chatting absolutes in this article, but relative. Relative to the battle 2 1/2 several years back, I believe Tito has matured extra than Chuck. He’s experienced time off to replicate, improvements in his personal existence and he however trains like he’s 25.


I am not even absolutely sure what that means, but if it usually means what I assume it suggests, Chuck’s gotta be it. He is won very easily in his very last couple of outings, rarely breaking a sweat. That’s gotta mess with your head.


Hey, allows be severe in this article. Tito was a minimal fearful of Chuck the 1st time around, but allow me convey to you something. Any person who’s eager to phase into the bed room with Jenna Jameson really should have no problems facing Chuck Liddell.


Anybody who watch the Ulitmate Fighter year 3 appreciates that Tito is a cardio freak. Nobody trains cardio like Tito. On the other hand, when Chuck is a terrific fighter, he hasn’t been pushed for a extremely extended time (given that his to start with fight with Randy).


I am talking current knowledge listed here. Tito’s only long gone a lot more rounds than Chuck in the latest fights. Despite the fact that, maybe which is not quite correct…his final two fights with Ken Shamrock didn’t even sum to a solitary spherical. Okay, this types a non-challenge.


If Tito comes out with the very same system as past time, I’ll produce him off for good. It was flawed when Tito made use of it past time and points would not change if he takes advantage of it once again. On the other hand, if Tito is dedicated to generating Chuck operate, even if it is repeatedly attempting to keep away from takedowns, at some stage Tito’s outstanding cardio will get in excess of.

So there you have it, my remaining prediction, Tito Ortiz by ref stoppage.

Could I be erroneous?

Of program I could, if the fight does not make it to the 3rd spherical, or Tito cannot take him down, then it can be Chucks to gain. If it goes 3 rounds or deeper, I’ll choose Tito for positive. Also, if Tito can place Chuck on his back, then I will take Tito.

A single matter is for sure, I will be viewing the battle on December 30th, on the edge of my seat!

Nicole Thomas

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