The Fascinating History of Handball

Versions on the activity of handball have been played all in excess of the globe for 1000’s of decades. Recognised as just one of the oldest ball video games, handball was played in Egypt over 4 thousand years ago, in historical Rome, and by quite a few South American cultures.

The historic Egyptians performed a selection of ball video games. Drawings of Egyptians enjoying handball have been identified decorating five thousand yr aged tombs at Saqqara, which depict women in teams of two taking part in the video game. Balls utilized in Egyptian handballs were built to be each gentle and resilient – they had been made of a leather pores and skin stuffed with hay or other plant fibers this sort of as papyrus.

In the Roman Empire, the video game was known as expulsim ludere, and was played on courts known as sphaeristas. Alexander the Great is mentioned to have been dependable for spreading the sport among Greek colonies in Italy in the to start with millennium BC, and from there it distribute to other international locations of the Roman Empire. Particulars of how the sport was performed through this era are sketchy, but it is considered it was very similar to what is recognized these days as a single-wall handball.

In France during the Center Ages, the sport was called jeux de paume (palm participate in) and was popular with both nobility and peasants. The ball was built from pieces of tightly-rolled cloth stitched with each other, and as the sport evolved gloves were applied to let additional forceful hitting of the ball. This variety of handball is thought to be an early precursor of tennis – as the video game evolved in France, gamers commenced to use bigger and larger gloves, till eventually they began to use things which resembled early tennis racquets.

In The usa, handball is above three thousand yrs old, and originated in Mexico. Handball players are depicted on painted pottery things, sculptures, and wall paintings discovered at archeological internet sites in numerous areas of Central The usa. Of the online games performed by these ancient civilizations, the one particular which most closely resembles contemporary handball is Rebotea a mano con pelota dura, or “Hardball pelota rebounded with the hand”. This video game was performed by the Chichimeca people today, on courts measuring 20 feet by 40 toes. Lots of historical ruins sites in Central The united states have this kind of courts, and alongside one another with the multitude of art which depicts the activity, signifies that it was an essential section of life for these historic cultures.

These times, handball is an more and more preferred activity – it has come to be element of the Olympic Game titles, and lots of global tournaments are committed to handball – not remarkably, the Egyptian group is identified to be incredibly talented, probably since of all the civilizations in the world, they have been participating in it the longest!

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