The Battle Between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr

Known to be one of the most combative sporting activities, boxing involves the exchange of punches or jabs between two athletes with the aim of hitting the opponent. The harder one hits the opponent the more advantage he or she gains over him/her. A battle between the world’s current top ranked boxing athletes, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. can prove to be the brawl of the century as awaited by many fans.

Checking on the profiles of the two boxers, it is hard to figure out who will emerge the winner when put in a ring together. There have been many feuds involving the two fighters but there have never been a ring fight of the two. The so much awaited duel will hence create an opportunity of figuring out who the best of the best is. Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be an interesting fight to watch since each of the two claims to be better than the other. The different training techniques employed by the two individuals always for them in all their duels. This is because they have won a huge percentage or most of the many fights they have engaged in. For Floyd Mayweather Jr. though, he has never lost a boxing match in his career.

The undefeated run of Sinclair makes him a difficult challenge for Emmanuel. Winning every match assigned to him at one point made him the top most ranked boxer around the world. That was before he retired and gave away his championship title the World Boxing Champion (WBC). On doing so, he dropped a level lower but still remained among the top two athletes in the industry. This however does not tarnish the chances of Manny Pacquiao overcoming Sinclair (F.M Jr.).

Emmanuel as he is known by many of his home fans has one weapon with him, and that is his power punches. Although Sinclair is known to have the best tactics to defend himself, he knows that Emmanuel is a serious puncher. His cover should be ready for vigorous jabs from his opponent. On the other hand, Sinclair’s speed and power are also added advantages over his opponent. He is able to sustain strong punches and endure till the last round. With his speed, he can maneuver and escape the jabs thrown at him hence tire up his competitor. No matter how repeatedly Emmanuel is going to knock him, he is known to have the ability to keep up with it and later come out victorious.

The two boxers are known not to be careless especially when in the ring with any type of an opponent. This makes them dangerous towards any opponent they are fighting against in a ring. For Sinclair, he is one of those athletes able to repeatedly throw punches at a higher rate while for Emmanuel; he can counter attack anytime he sees an opening, a gap or any exposed part that will earn him a point or two against his competitor. The duel therefore will be one of the highly rated types.

Nicole Thomas

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