Standard Muay Thai Strategies

The Martial art of Muay Thai has its individual exclusive procedures. It consists of the use of nine weapons. The head, fists, elbow, knee and feet are collectively acknowledged as Na-wa arwud. But nowadays the use of head is no longer allowed in the Muay Thai fights. In Muay Thai tiny sum of grappling is made use of (The Clinch) for equally defending and attacking reason. Muay Thai methods are divided into two groups: Mae Mai or Major approaches and Luk mai or Small techniques. All techniques in Muay Thai use the overall human body movement, rotating the hip partially or absolutely with each individual punch, kick and block. This is the rationale which sets Muay Thai aside from other kinds of martial art.

Punching Methods: ( Chok)

Straight punch = Mud Dhrong

Hook = Mud Wjang San

Swing = Mud Wjang Yao

Spinning Back fist = Mud Wjang Glab

Higher Cut = Mud Seub

Cobra Punch = Kra-Dod Chok

Above Head Punch = Mud Khouk

The judges in Muay Thai fights scores fewer to the fighters for the punching techniques as they are usually less powerful and impressive than kicks or knee strikes. Body punching is also applied less in Muay Thai as it exposes the fighters head to the strikes of knee or elbow from the opponent.

Elbow Tactics: (Dhee Sork)

Elbow Slash = Sork Dhee

Horizontal Elbow = Sork Dhad

Upper Lower Elbow = Sork Ngad

Forward elbow Thrust = Sork Poonk

Reverse Horizontal elbow = Sork wjang Glab

Spinning Elbow = Sork Glab

Elbow Chop = Sork Sap

Double Elbow Chop = Sork Glab Koo

Mid Air Elbow Strike = Gra-Dode Sork

The elbow is made use of in 7 approaches in Muay Thai, horizontally, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, uppercut, downward, backward spinning and flying. The elbow is also made use of from the sides as a ending transfer or to minimize the opponents’ eyebrow so that he bleeds. Bleeding blocks the eyesight and also impacts the fighter’s functionality.

Kicking Tactics: (Dhe)

Straight Kick = Dhe Dhrong

Nutcracker Kick = Dhe Paa Maak

Round home Kick = Dhe Dhad

Diagonal Kick = Dhe Chivang

50 percent-spin, 50 % knee kick = Dhe Krueng Kheng Krueng Kao

Spinning hill Kick = Dhe Glab Lang

Down Round household kick = Dhe Kod

Axe Hill Kick = Dhe Khouk

Soar kick = Gra-Dode Dhe

Phase Up Kick = Yiep Dhe

The most typical kick in Muay Thai are Foot Jab (Theep) and the Kick (Tae), upward in the form of a triangle concentrating on the ribs and arms (Chieng). This angle kick in Muay Thai has been adopted by numerous other varieties of martial arts as it is pretty efficient. The round residence kick is virtually equivalent to the kicks utilized in karate or taekwondo. Lots of Muay Thai fighters also makes use of a counter rotation of his arms to improve the electricity of his kick. A Muay Thai fighter is generally taught to hit with his shin. Despite the fact that the shin is quite sensitive for an untrained human being the shin is the strongest section of the leg than the foot as it has great bones and is a lot weaker.

Knee Tactics: (Dhe kao)

Straight Knee Strike = Kao Dhrong

Diagonal Knee Strike = Kao Chijang

Curving Knee Strike = Kao Kouwng

Horizontal Knee Strike = Kao Dhad

Knee Slap = Kao Dhob

Knee Bomb = Kao Youwn

Traveling Knee Strike = Kao Loi

Stage up Knee Strike = Kao Yiep

Other Knee Tactics: – Kao Dode: (Jumping Knee Strike) Soar on one leg and strike with that legs knee. – Kao Loi: (Flying Knee Strike) Acquire action(s), bounce ahead and off a single leg and strike with that legs knee. – Kao Tone: (Straight Knee Strike) Thrusts it forward. Not upward unless the fighter is holding opponents head down in a clinch and intend to knee upward into the facial area. – Kao Noi: (Compact knee Strike) Hitting the inside of higher thigh (previously mentioned the knee)of the opponent although clinching.

Foot Thrust Strategies: (Theep)

Straight Foot Thrust = Teep Dhrong

Sideways Foot Thrust = Teep Kang

Reverse Foot Thrust = Teep Glab Lang

Slapping Foot Thrust = Teep Dhob

Jumping Foot Thrust = Gra-Dode Teep

It is also recognized as ‘Push Kicks’ and is generally applied in Muay Thai. It is mainly utilized to assault opponents’ assault, and get the opponent off harmony.

Fighters in The Arm Clinch Position:

There is a variance in Muay Thai from the western Boxing. For the duration of the arm clinch position the fighters are separate in western boxing however they are not in Muay Thai. There are a number of clinching procedures in Muay Thai which includes:

– Arm Clinch

– Aspect Clinch

– Low Clinch and

– Swan Neck.

Defensive methods against attack:

It as categorized into six groups:

1. Blocking: Defenders difficult block to halt a strike in its route, so preventing it reaching its focus on.

2. Redirection: Defenders tender parries to change the directions of a strike so that it misses its goal.

3. Avoidance: Going a system aspect quickly out of the way or variety of a strike, generating the posture of the opponent for a counter strike.

4. Evasion: Shifting the overall body out of the way or assortment of a strike.

5. Disruption: Pre-aiming an assault.

6. Anticipation: Defender catching a strike or countering it just before it strike.

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