Secrets of The Mathematical Symmetry of Nature and Styles of Erosion

As scientists and theorists examine patterns, design and style, chaos, complexity they typically convert to nature for illustrations and there is plenty of illustrations in character too. The stripes on a zebra, styles on a butterfly, spider webs, leafs on a tree, scales on a fish, seashells, mind waves, muscle composition, texture of granite, spider webs, Earth cycles, waves on the ocean, wind movement, clouds in the sky, Rainbows, Solar Process, framework of a meteorite and even DNA alone.

One particular pattern of mother nature we frequently do not focus on is the styles of erosion, which we can see much better from an plane, satellite photograph, from valley wanting up at a mountain or from top rated a mountain seeking down down below. Not too long ago on Mars we see the styles of erosion suggesting earlier drinking water flows.


We see this kind of erosion patterns on Titan, which most surely considered to be caused by liquid methane. Such pictures have prompted a stir in the scientific group as effectively as area fanatics.


The styles of the landscape so comparable to these on Earth with rivers, lakes, coastlines that one has to wonder if patterns of erosion are not recognised portions coming from a planned structure? Despite the fact that how can this be? In Stephen Wolfram’s “A New Variety of Science” he describes starting off out with simplistic mathematical equations and then watching the styles arise. We know that in our intricate and chaotic environments we see that the easiest factors these as the atoms and molecules, which make up almost everything are simple in construction and preciseness.

Predicting designs is not as tough as it appears to be definitely if we start off at the starting and glimpse ahead fairly than seem at the now and attempt to figure the ‘how’. Is it feasible to have almost the very same designs of erosion in extra than one particular area, earth or area. Numerous researchers imagine this is not only doable, but most possible a actuality. They say no two fingerprints are the exact same, yet, we now know that is not real, some are so comparable that recognition software package cannot notify them aside. In truth persons have been convicted of crimes getting similar fingerprints. We should really be wanting at all the designs of erosion on the Earth and Mars, possibly these regions share a thing in prevalent?

Potentially the electromagnetic signatures of the rocks or resonance of the ion bonding and the acoustic pattern created by wind are very similar. Just like two fingerprints consist of some type of genetic similarities. Would examine of designs of erosion aid us in learning liquid flows, locating minerals for mining, oil for extraction, getting locations of healthier ELF resonance for natural expansion? Are designs of erosion completely predictable to the position we can estimate the origin or starting issue of the sample, the original equation or the authentic established of factors, which commenced the process? For instance the starting resonance, product and setting up factors? Can we go again in time by pc modeling of the current styles? Can we use these laptop or computer-rendering simulations to help us fully grasp the surfaces of other planets, moons and celestial bodies? Are we in a position to do this now with our advancements in tremendous pcs?

Scientists are commencing to think that the solutions to all of these issues will most probable be yes and we can know if we dare to check with the concerns and work to seek out the answers. As we know from hunting at ice core samples, tree trunk rings and sediment levels we can define eras of ice age cycles, solar cycles, Earth Polar Shifts, etc. Much of the desired pc modeling to keep track of and back again monitor erosion for historical standpoint and being familiar with of our World and other worlds has been funded by animation simulations for armed forces attempts in the battlespace. Commercial takes advantage of of this sort of items have also accomplished miracles working with ERSI software to improve environmental circumstances, climate prediction and regulate, flood handle endeavours, Oil Exploration, Movie Business Exclusive Fx, landscape design and style and Artist Conception’s of foreseeable future technologies.

Experimentation, simulation modeling need to continue in this realm to insure that we are precisely decoding the details and adequately defining the forces at get the job done. Lately we saw a runaway iceberg, which strike a tongue sticking out from the Ross Ice Shelf, absolutely everyone predicted a massive party, which would be viewed from previously mentioned by satellite. No this kind of celebration could be viewed and for superior rationale. Most of the ice berg was under water and clearly would hit to start with and it did on que, wedging itself, so the occasion did get position but underwater as the floor of the iceberg never ever touched just about anything, yet the destruction of the collision was critical and intensive beneath judging by the crack up of surrounding ice. It is interesting the predictive animation simulations were being so swift to demonstrate us what was likely to take place, nonetheless never did. This is an example of undesirable modeling prediction jogging absent with creativeness when in actuality we had more than enough knowledge to demonstrate precisely what had transpired in advance.

Suitable now we have witnessed weather intensification in the kind of severe temperature in our Hemisphere, we have complete modeling of earlier Hurricanes and are particularly superior at predicting Hurricanes now. We also have full know-how of what will materialize in the function of a direct hit in New Orleans and the 12-foot seawall? But are all our predictive modeling of simulations of the demise of New Orleans correct? Properly, in point they in all probability are really correct as are our prediction of increasing increase of ocean levels as the environment heats up. Combining these kinds of info together with the vegetation make up at the mouth of the Mississippi River we see that merging of all this info exhibits that New Orleans is not long for this globe. If we appear at the river mouths of the major rivers conference the sea, we will see similarities to canyons and streams conference lakes or connecting to gradual flowing rivers.

Styles of erosion are almost everywhere. In the center of the desert you can see tiny flows transform into streams, to dry rivers to dry lake beds which have been there for generations. It would seem achievable that we can set an equation to this if we are eager to make true lifestyle actual erosion labs and consider that data and conclude-result to show designs. These styles will be related to those people in mother nature and consequently formulation utilizing recent mathematics can be conceived and tested. When making an attempt to regulate or adjust nature it is generally a pretty tiny to start with function, which variations things as the activities unfold and as the sample is set in motion. He who creates the to start with function and puts in the equation and motions by way of levers of motion possibly capable to quantify and set pencil to paper to forecast the stop occasion. Making use of reverse engineering calculations of these methodologies we can acquire the latest erosion photograph to questimate the origin of the to start with celebration.

At the time we can do this we can see the past in the current sample and consequently we can see by way of time unlocking historic mysteries to our mother Earth. By understanding this approach below at dwelling we can in fact use this information to forecast what took place in all individuals world’s we find to find in mankind’s quest of the not known to quench the thirst to boldly go where by no person has absent just before.

For those people who search at erosion, clouds, waves and patterns of nature it will have to turn out to be rather clear of simplicity of the complex layouts. We are in a really exclusive spot to not only make new occasions, but to in fact know what will turn into of what we make. Therefore predicting the long run of our steps. This implies as we take manage about our ecosystem, we can with slight modification create a improved earth to match our genetic sample. By undertaking this we can avert cataclysmic gatherings, increase existence, establish safer metropolitan areas, recognize long term explored worlds and continue our daily life expertise with abundance.

Considering that erosion is an noticeable pattern of mother nature, why would it be any unique than any other pattern? Why would it not be controllable and predictable? We are promptly approaching a time when we will be capable to command our personal DNA and destiny, via an understanding of what it all indicates and how it all performs. Shouldn’t we use the research of designs of erosion to assistance us clarify what we see when our Unmanned Robotic Probes send us outstanding images back of other Worlds? Should we use these methodologies to tell us of past events, very first gatherings and historic cataclysmic occasions, which at first shaped all that we see and know? It is intriguing that Stephen Wolfram notes so lots of designs in his operate but fails to determine patterns of erosion as just one of nature’s models? Why was he not on the lookout here? Was he not able to demonstrate his hypothesis with these designs of erosion, if so why? And are we fast paced hunting to a simplistic formula in the generation of the first occasion that we unsuccessful to acknowledge the obviousness of interacting designs upon one an additional?

For occasion erosion is a factor of plate tectonics to develop the mountains, temperature styles around a lot of unique cycles, so on initial look it may perhaps seem that no two designs of erosion on our landscape are the exact, nevertheless how can we be so sure they did not appear from an first equation set in motion, which presently we are observing as just an additional pattern of character. I post to you that these thoughts and the apparent designs of erosion are not only worthy of assumed and scientific discussion, but the inherent tricks which will be uncovered will be really worth their excess weight in exploration funding.

If you have experienced ideas on the designs of erosion or identical designs in nature or of the images being brought back by our unmanned probes although out our photo voltaic technique of landscapes of moons and planets, then you are not on your own. Consider about it.

Nicole Thomas

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