Origin of Track and Field

Track and field is commonly known as athletics. The track and field events can be divided into three categories such as running, jumping, and throwing events. The origin of track and field was started way back in 776 BC, in Greece. Athletic competitions were regularly held in union with religious festivals. The events were arranged for men only and the women were not allowed to participate in it. This carried on for many centuries, but the real development started in England during the 19th century. Many students from schools and universities gave the momentum to track and field.

The origin of track and field started in Greece, is an individual sport. From 776 BC, the sport events were held in Olympia every four years and this carried out for almost 12 centuries. The track and field events included the three-foot races and events such as javelin, long jump, wrestling, boxing, etc. The start of 19th century really accelerated the events in France, Germany, and Great Britain. Track and field in the United States is reported to be started from 1860. The Amateur Athletic Union in 1888 held the first inter-college races and since then track and field is one of the most popular high school sports in the United States. Every year thousands of high school students started to participate in track and field events.

The rules of track and field events in modern days are quite different from the ancient times. The spirit of game is the same and each event developed into popularity as the days progressed. The only issue remained was the status of athletes because track and field event was considered a part time sport and the participants were not allowed to accept money or cash prizes. The athletes were even banned for life. Though the rules changed soon after and the track and field event got a professional modern look.

The origin of track and field event in modern Olympics was started in 1896. Slowly and steadily track and field became an international sport and in 1913 the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was formed which included members from 16 countries. The IAAF established the standard rules for the sport and soon later, the course of sport was completely changed. The construction of fabulous stadiums soon started and the important term world record was approved in 1913.

Today the athletes have many options to participate in track and field events. You have the choice of participate in track events such as sprints, short and long distance running, hurdling, relays, etc. If you have sufficient stamina, you can take part in road running, race walking, or famous marathon event. The choice of javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw, and discus throws has been admired by many strong athletes. The events such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, triple jump, etc has added more excitement to the event.

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