Ninjutsu Vs Blended Martial Arts – How a Ninja Won UFC #3

Did you know that a ninja pupil gained a UFC championship? It truly is true.

It was in UFC #3: “The American Desire”, and his identify was Steve Jennum. In actuality, Jennum was the only particular person, other than Royce Gracie, to get a UFC championship at that time.

So, how did a Ninja occur out on prime against all of those hugely skilled and knowledgeable fighters? This short article discusses the major factors that contributed to his earn. Use this, not as a tutorial to see how he received, but as a way to recognize the change amongst how most people today feel of winning, and how a practitioner of the art of ninjutsu thinks about it.

Initially, Steve Jennum was an alternate – not just one of the most important fighters.

What that implies is that he failed to have to go up in opposition to other fighters ahead of achieving the closing round against powerhouse fighter, Harold Howard. This allowed him to be new, and prepared on all stages.

But, don’t permit that sway you to imagine that Jennum only won due to the fact Howard was exhausted and he was not.

In the opening foray of the round, Howard, despite the fact that he had just gained his personal struggle just prior to facing Jennum, was still driven up and completely ready to go. This was evident when he unloaded a punch that must have blown the Ninja throughout the octagon!

But, what happened next, not only improved the fight, but startled Howard so a great deal that I can even now see his reaction today.

When Howard slammed Jennum with the exact powerhouse punch that has permitted him to win numerous fights prior to this, Steve made use of a fundamental move in the Ninja’s arsenal that Howard experienced never ever seen. When the punch strike Jennum squarely in the head, his physique was now in motion – pulling again into the Ninja’s ichimonji no kamae.

This strategic shifting of the body permitted Jennum to acquire the punch with tiny to no damage. And, when Howard paused, confused with the final result of what ought to have been a knockout – Jennum counter attacked and took the fight to Howard. In the planet of ninpo-taijutsu, “the ninja’s human body-art,” this tactic used the ninja’s sui no kata ‘water-mode’ of strategic defensiveness.

Pulling back and then crashing back in with full system electricity strikes – like the motion of the ocean as it pulls away from the shore only to roll above by itself, gathering power, and crashing again in versus the rocks – Jennum grew to become the winner of UFC #3. As a substitute of relying on challenging moves that expected toughness, speed, or traditional electricity…

A ninja gained UFC #3 with a strategy taught to basic learners in the art of ninjutsu!

Nicole Thomas

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