MMA Training Videos: How To Select The Right Set of MMA Training DVD’s For You

A question we get very often on our forum is about MMA training videos. Our readers want to know which is the best set of MMA training DVD’s for them available, online or offline. Unfortunately, this question is very hard to answer. I’ll explain in a minute.

But first, let’s have a quick look at what MMA is. MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts. It’s a fighting sport with lots of fans and several shows like UFC, Bellator, M1 Global and Elite XC. UFC has become so famous that it’s even threatening boxing’s supremacy in popularity rankings. MMA fighters employ techniques, holds, grappling moves, submission techniques, kicks and punches from a wide variety of martial arts and from Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai and Krav Maga (the Israeli Defense Force close quarters combat technique) amongst others. Maybe this short explication of MMA has made one reason clear why it is so hard to answer the question at hand: “Which is the right set of MMA training DVD’s for you?”

First of all, the answer is highly dependent on your style or your preferred style. Most training videos will focus on one or two styles max. So the right set of training DVD’s for you may not be the same as the one for the next guy. Additionally, some people need training videos to start to train and ultimately start fighting in a ring. Others want to learn self defense techniques from the Mixed Martial Arts training DVD’s. Others are looking to pick up a few quick pointers to help them out should they ever get into a street or bar fight, yet others look at it as a preferred way of working out (subdivided in acquiring body weight and cardio exercise). A minority even looks for them just to show off with their friends…

Then there are training DVD’s and videos for beginners, for intermediary fighters and a few that teach advanced techniques. This is very important! Trying advanced techniques as a beginner might cause serious injuries to yourself or your sparring partner. Some of the advanced techniques can cause death when executed in the wrong way or with excessive force. We recommend that you try or train any new technique always are very slow speed first.

So first of all you need to know what you are looking for exactly. Take an honest look at yourself and decide if you are beginner, intermediary or skilled fighter. Decide on your preferred style. Maybe you have a preferred fighter. He might have a series of training videos! With this information in mind, you can hit the internet, Google and Amazon would be great choices. Another way to find the right training DVD or video for you, are the MMA communities on the web, the MMA related forums. Maybe you are already a member of some forums, but if not, I suggest you become one. Just Google them, there are plenty. The people there are a very good source of information. Don’t let the guys telling you that it can only be done with a live coach turn you off. If you have access to a great one and can afford it, great. If you’re dead serious, it’s probably the best way to get MMA training. But if not, a good set of MMA Training DVD’s or MMA Training Videos, tailored to your needs, is definitely your best choice.

This way you will find not only the best set of MMA training DVD’s or videos, you will also -and probably more important- find the RIGHT set MMA training DVD’s or videos for you!

Nicole Thomas

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