Kong Jing and Empty Drive Kung Fu Qigong Skills Are Nonsense

Spend enough time in the martial arts globe and you will finally occur throughout a reference to one thing named “kong jing,” which signifies “vacant pressure,” or it’s widespread Western title, “no touch knockouts.”

From time to time, men and women will pop up proclaiming to be able to move, or knock individuals out, without touching them. They do this by working with superior degree qigong (chi gong) expertise with which they can manipulate other people’s qi. Shifting and knocking out other people are just or demonstration, but the intention of this artwork is to be ready to stop a hostile attacker without the need of touching him, preferably when he is even now considerably away and cannot damage you.

A uncomplicated YouTube lookup will reveal a lot of demonstrations of this “ability.”

Most of the demos are quite similar: the master does some routines to demand up his qi, and a person or far more of his college students will occur up for the demo, and he will use his qi and intention to trigger his pupil to transfer, and typically even knock the student back a couple of toes!

1 matter you will notice is that all of these demonstrations almost constantly just take spot with learners from that particular school. In the rare instances when other folks have been used, no matter whether spectators in the viewers, or challengers from an additional university, it tends to not get the job done. Once more, you can see most of this on YouTube, which include a fairly effectively-identified clip exactly where a no contact knockout guy challenged an MMA fighter, and the MMA fighter conquer him up very poorly for the reason that none of his kong jing or empty pressure techniques labored.

Ironically, it is possible to influence persons with no touching them, make them go and even knock them out, but it has almost nothing to do with kong jing, qigong, or empty power, and has anything to do with the electric power of suggestion. Mentalists and hypnotists can exhibit the identical talent with out attributing it to “qi electric power.”

Some students can also be persuaded that their instructor has mystical electricity. You will sometimes see demos wherever the master is fending off a number of students at when employing kong jing. For no matter what explanation, these students have been so persuaded that their grasp can in fact do this that it performs on them. But it can be just the electrical power of recommendation, or possibly mass hypnosis, and has practically nothing to do with qigong.

So, the only “actual” no touch knockouts depend on belief from the learners or audience customers. In other words, it is not going to do the job on an attacker who is essentially striving to damage you and won’t treatment about your qigong powers, and for the reason that of that, it’s not seriously practical at all in any feasible martial application.

Not to point out, there are a variety of men and women (for example, James Randi) who are providing big sums of income (up to $1,000,000) to any individual who can do this in a managed atmosphere. It might not surprise you that no 1 has succeeded nonetheless.

Nicole Thomas

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