Judo Gripping and Wrestling for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitiveness

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) competitors’ stand-up skills keep on being the single biggest and most prevalent weakness observable inside of the event realm. This report seeks to give some critical fundamentals and a simple strategy for BJJ players embarking on the opposition arena. When viewing this article, remember to take into consideration this is written with the context that BJJ players usually do 1 of two issues in the stand-up zone of levels of competition:

1) Pull Guard, typically the second they perceive any danger.

2) Hurry a double leg, where by they both obtain the take down or fall short and pull guard.

No cost Range Motion

Prior to grips staying proven, the amount a single priority is to stay in a very low, wrestling primarily based stance. The square stance, frequently favoured for its defensive attributes continues to be akin to a boxer standing sq. in that both of those sides remain open up to assault. Presented that several Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners absence considerable stand-up capabilities, it is suggested that you minimise the likelihood of a blessed double leg shot by advancing one leg (the direct leg) into a staggered stance and limiting the sides of attack by 50%. It is really unlikely that you will concede a takedown on the blind aspect. The lead arm must be positioned low, guarding the direct leg and the guide arm can swiftly be transformed to a cross confront should really your opponent endeavor to drive a double or one leg attack.

Preferably, you really should go on to go laterally as you try to build your direct grip. This will even further reduce the probability and efficiency of any takedowns – its more challenging to hit a going concentrate on.

Setting up Your Grip (irrespective of Left vs Still left, Correct vs Proper, Still left vs Proper)

You are now recognized in the cost-free variety, relocating laterally in a strong wrestling base. Regardless of the relative posture (i.e. left, correct, and so forth, stance relative to your opponent), the following vital move is to regulate your opponents direct arm, and this is ideally reached by gripping his lead arm with your individual rear arm.

Why the rear arm?

Really basically, you chance them taking pictures the double beneath your direct arm or your guide arm currently being managed by his guide arm. WHEN Developing YOUR GRIP, Anything IS ABOUT Guide ARM Command. As a result reaching with the rear arm is lessen chance, (akin in boxing to top with the jab). Those who have working experience in alive hanging arts will be equipped to make some perception of gripping capabilities by reversing the notions of direct and rear arm theories (the primary arm or jabbing arm in boxing is akin to the reverse arm in Judo and vice-versa).

Once the opponent’s direct arm is managed with your rear arm, it will be very difficult for your opponent to initiate any major attacks. Your following transfer relies upon upon whether you wish to:

1) Keep on Preventing IN THE STAND-UP Placement


1) Battling IN THE STAND-UP Situation

Additional management can then be attained by either developing a second grip on his guide arm with your guide arm, or by gripping the front shoulder in front of your direct arm (your left arm would grip his appropriate shoulder or vice versa).

The former will now permit you to circle to the outside of the controlled arm, from which back again-usually takes, double and one legs, tani-otoshi’s, among other methods are all probable. The latter will give you adequate management above your opponent on which to start profitable takedown makes an attempt even though minimising the chances of your opponent to the negligible or throws must you have encounter inside of Judo.


Any spectator at a BJJ opposition will promptly witness practitioners pulling guard with minimal or zero handle other their opponents. At the time we have set up lead arm manage above your opponent using your have rear arm, the guide arm need to then grip the elbow. With common Judo practice, a grip on the elbow ought to involve the gripping hand flexing and then twisting like turning a screw. With possibly a two-a single-1 grip or “arm drag grip” proven, you are now in a posture to securely pull guard. Dependent on stance, you ought to now be threatening both an arm drag or arm bar, with a host of probable possibilities dependent on your opponents reactions.

Glyn Powditch

SBG Teacher

BJJ Purple Belt


© Glyn Powditch 2007

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