Judo and the New IJF Principles

Certainly in the Judo local community there has been a enormous uproar in the shifting of Judo regulations about leg grabs, pickups and Russian style techniques. I have travelled all close to the environment and expert various variations of Judo, from the standard Japanese judo, the Russian pickup type of judo and even the strange Mongolian and Kazakhstan types as effectively.

On the world-wide-web there are continuous threads about the new policies and persons who preserve on complaining about how Judo isn’t really a martial artwork any more due excluding grappling procedures that are applied in several forms of wrestling.

For a while I was pretty against the new principles of Judo thanks to the reality that it clashed with my personal design and style of Judo. Whilst not too long ago I have travelled to Taipei, Rotterdam, Samoa as perfectly as Brazil and Japan and I consider the new guidelines have been excellent for a selection of motives.

I have participated in several schooling camps in excess of the very last couple months and have discovered that a ton of the major judo fellas who utilized pickups and leg grabs are even now performing judo and nevertheless accomplishing at a top rated intercontinental stage.

Due to me staying in Japan and obtaining a large amount of time on my hands I have been doing a great deal of considering pertaining to other athletics who have altered principles for several reasons.

A several decades back in aggressive Taekwondo opponents have been able to punch to the head. But what tended to transpire was novice boxers would enter the tournament. These newbie boxers would block kicks to the head and continue to close the length and knock fellow opponents out. The essence of Taekwondo is their wonderful kicking skills, but because of to the beginner boxers under no circumstances kicking spectators have been not viewing breathtaking kicks any more they had been viewing a boxing match. By banning punching to the head the total Taekwondo fighter utilizing the really essence of the sport would much more usually than not acquire the match. By changing the principles they could continue to keep the essence of the activity alive so that when folks came and viewed they would enjoy Taekwondo’s awesome kicks not just a boxing match.

I understand that they were getting out an successful attack but to keep the essence and spirit of the sport alive they did what they needed to do. Therefore I see no issue with the alter.

Rugby League & Rugby union:
Rugby league and rugby union at very first can search extremely similar particularly when the scrum in rugby league was contested. It would collapse and they would commence over which is very related to Rugby union. Therefore the rugby league powers made a decision that by not contesting the scrum onlookers would be capable to see the big difference amongst league and union. One particular main part of rugby union is the contested scrums and rucks, while in League it is just not a substantial part of the recreation. By eradicating contested scrums from the sport rugby league and rugby union could keep visibly distinct and spectators can discover the distinction among equally sporting activities.

Brazilian Jujitsu:
It is my knowing that in Brazilian jujitsu after you throw or carry out a takedown you will have to then have interaction on the floor, if you will not you might lose a stage. These procedures are in position so that the throwing sports these kinds of as judo and wrestling cannot arrive in and (due to superior stand up) throw and crack away regularly. If these principles have been allowed the essence of Brazilian jujitsu wouldn’t be there. The essential character of competitive Brazilian jujitsu is the ground sport. Without the need of the ground match Brazilian jujitsu is merely a judo or wrestling match. By maintaining these policies you are trying to keep the essence of the activity alive. Consider heading to a Brazilian jujitsu competitiveness and all you noticed was stand up and no floor operate. This is identical if when you went and noticed a judo event all you noticed was ground function and no standing preventing.

What would make Judo Exceptional? Is it the GI? Is it the throws? Is it the Japanese names? In my belief Judo is the most superior unarmed martial art as well as activity. It has all the generating of real world self-defence as effectively as a sport. For illustration in judo the battle starts off standing and in most circumstances the ground game is properly and finished inside of sixty seconds. I have under no circumstances heard of a street struggle or a battle in a pub in which both of those fighters were wrestling on the floor for ten minutes and the combat ending with a submission from rubber guard.

What makes Judo exceptional is the strategies applied in the sport. Imagine if at a judo opposition all you saw was double and single leg takedowns, fireman’s carries and bear hug strategies. These are all valid assaults but are stereotypical of wrestling matches fairly than judo matches. Spectators will need to be equipped to the big difference between both of those athletics in addition to one particular is contested in a gi. For instance imagine coming to a Judo competitiveness and all you noticed was Uchimata, Tai otoshi, Seoi nage and foot sweeps and then the up coming week going to observe freestyle wrestling and viewing mainly doubles and singles currently being applied with an occasional Uchimata or foot sweep. You would be able to easily see the variation among the two sports.

That is what the global judo federation is trying to attain with the rule change. In my belief there is nothing mistaken with making an attempt to continue to keep Judo distinctive.

A different example is from firsthand expertise at a handful of schooling camps all over the environment. For a very long time there is a fighter from Georgia (nestor khergiani) who has been the selection one in their state for the earlier 10 many years. His model of judo was a bent above, wrestling type posture and the only methods he ever made use of were being a kata guruma, pickups and an occasional drop Seoi nage. Now the new policies have been carried out and the region of Georgia have two new players in the sixty kilogram division. Asumbani and Papinashvilli are two fighters who have a entirely unique contrast to Khergiani. These fighters both equally have big Uchimatas, Tai othoshi’s and Seoi nages. These guys are showcasing the stereotypical ‘judo’ techniques even though their predecessor was showcasing much more wrestling models of judo. In my view the new fashion is a ton superior than the aged type.

In the finish I see practically nothing wrong with the new rule change mainly because it will keep judo exclusive in the eyes of spectators as properly as competition.

A different quick example I have which is completely unrelated to Judo but the place is nevertheless valid. One particular of my favorite authors, David Gemmell writes medieval fantasy. Though as soon as he wrote a suspense secret novel under an alias. When questioned why he wrote underneath an alias Gemmell replied that when men and women select up a Gemmell novel they are expecting a medieval fantasy novel, but if they pick up a Gemmell and its a murder mystery they will be upset as that is not what a Gemmell novel commonly is. Gemmell preferred to hold the genre of medieval fantasy and not have a range of distinct genres, by executing this he remained special and the typical public know what they have been finding. This is the very same with Judo, way when you come to judo you want to see Judo you never want to see a wrestling match.

In conclusion, this post is prepared from my own view pertaining to the new Judo policies that have been put in position by the worldwide Judo Federation. I know that there are several folks out there who may disagree but as a recent global Judoka I think these regulations will continue to keep the initial essence of the art.

Nicole Thomas

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