Interview With Jay Valko (Valko BJJ)

Jay Valko is a gentleman and a scholar.

Jay Valko offers us some insights on the value damage prevention, setting up a go over band, and his beard.

And I assume he talks about Jiu-Jitsu a reasonable little bit far too.

Have you ever applied jiu jitsu in a self-defense situation?

Type of, each directly and indirectly. Instantly, I have applied BJJ a pair situations to break up fights. I have under no circumstances been attacked and experienced to protect myself, but twice I have grabbed a person who was causing problems in a bar.

The very first time a bunch of good friends and I were out watching a fights at a bar and some man started out having rowdy. I was going for walks out of the toilet and I noticed this dude press a mate of mine and get started mouthing off. I took place to be suitable at the rear of him, so I just grabbed a rear naked choke and waited for the bouncers to escort him out. He froze as before long as I grabbed him. The bouncers observed the complete factor and thanked me just after tossing him out.

An additional time I experienced to grab a man and consider him exterior when he took a swing at my close friend. At the time outside the bouncers made absolutely sure he was not authorized back in. Indirectly, getting the self esteem of figuring out I can manage myself has authorized me to defuse various quite possibly volatile cases. I might say the self esteem is just as, if not a lot more essential than the real actual physical means when it will come to self-defense.

What role does ego engage in in jiu jitsu?

Moi is the two your ideal good friend and your worst enemy in jiu-jitsu. It is all about how you use it. For several people today I have to say, “leave the moi at the doorway”, but I also assume it truly is vital to acknowledge that what brings us back again day soon after day of receiving our butts kicked is our moi. Ego simply means, “self” and given that BJJ is an specific sport, it is significant to often get the job done on your ego.

There is almost nothing completely wrong with getting defeat and currently being a tiny down on you, it can be pure. We are all competitive men and women or we probably wouldn’t be in this activity. Nevertheless, if your moi or satisfaction potential customers you to harm yourself or other persons, then you have a challenge. The battle really should be towards you, not your teammates or even the other dude you happen to be competing against.

What separates all those who excel from individuals who do not?

A assortment of items. The most critical detail is to bear in mind to have pleasurable. For some persons, someplace alongside the line BJJ goes from remaining a fun avenue for self-enhancement to currently being either a chore or a have to-win-or-I’m-gonna-give up kind thing. Enjoy it. Delight in the exercising, enjoy the close friends you make and get pleasure from the artwork. Over and above that, it also depends on how you outline “excel”. If you imply in competitiveness, it boils down to do the job ethic, patience, means to choose a reduction (or a number of), how you deal with your nerves, and pure bodily potential.

However, you can excel in BJJ without competing. Earlier mentioned all else it will take satisfaction, endurance, regularity and regard for the artwork. So many college students get purple belts and consider they no extended have to drill or learn system. This is a large error. As you go up the ranks you need to even now deal with the artwork like you might be a novice and be satisfied to rep factors out. It truly is also essential to try to remember that BJJ is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to excel you have to make a decision to be in it for the very long run, as a result of thick and slim. It will be striving at instances, but as extensive as you bear in mind to have enjoyment it will be perfectly truly worth it.

How did you 1st get exposed to jiu jitsu?

Through Royce Gracie. When I was in large faculty I was throwing away my time with classic martial arts (no offense to conventional martial artists). Then I started out renting the fights on online video. I determined to sign up for my higher school wrestling staff (Clearwater High in Clearwater, Florida) my senior yr. The good news is for me I was ready to defeat one more child for the vacant 171lbs varsity spot. I did quite effectively for a senior calendar year walk-on, I placed in districts but dropped both equally my matches at regionals. Even though a superior school wrestling year is only about 3 months extended, I felt like I knew more about preventing following one time of wrestling than soon after decades of martial arts.

When I graduated high faculty in 1999, there was no BJJ in the place. I was ready to check out a capture wrestling course taught by Matt Furey in Tampa, which I would have really been additional fascinated in at the time mainly because I was a additional of a Ken Shamrock fan than Royce Gracie (BJJiC: Me also!!), but eventually the drive was just much too significantly. Luckily, Eduardo DeLima opened a Gracie Barra school about 45 minutes from my house, so as before long as I could I started off coaching there. I was very luck to meet Eduardo and be a single of his initially learners in The united states. It absolutely adjusted my life.

Do you get nervous?

I do get a tiny anxious prior to a opposition I just attempt to remember that stress and anxiety and excitement are quite identical feelings. So, I do my greatest to channel my stress and anxiety into exhilaration, use the adrenaline to my advantage, and just attempt to have a excellent time.

What do you say to likely college students?

Honestly, not a lot. Jiu-jitsu more or considerably less sells itself. I am just pleasant and straightforward heading, I test to offer a non-scary atmosphere and when I sense a new pupil is anxious I just make guaranteed to speak to them and put them at ease. I demonstrate that no 1 is going to damage them and that they just have to have to take it easy. A more recent scholar is much more likely to hurt on their own than to be harm by another person else.

If you could go back again in time, what would you say to yourself as a white belt?

Be affected individual and contend as much as possible. Also, delight in the time you’re not teaching. I remember when I was white/blue belt, I felt like I constantly necessary to educate or else another person would go me up. If I could go back again now I might inform myself that most men and women will give up ahead of they are purple belt and that not acquiring damage is the most crucial factor to longevity.

Jay claims slow it down, mate.

How do you know when to boost a pupil?

It truly is a combination of figuring out the moves and truly becoming capable to use them. Opposition surely helps, but it’s not the determining element. I have a pupil who wrestled his total daily life and is just a beast on the mat. I gave him his blue belt after only a month or two of training, he entered the Chicago Open as his 1st tournament and took silver in his division and gold in the complete. He on a regular basis beats superior purple belts at the gymnasium. That staying explained, he is been teaching this kind of a brief period of time of time that he will not know some fundamental moves and isn’t going to know numerous sophisticated moves. Even though I feel he could properly compete at purple belt, I are not able to give him a purple belt until his BJJ vocabulary expands by a large degree. It has to be a combination of the system and the simple software.

On the other extreme there’s some men who are digital encyclopedias of BJJ concept, but have a lot more problems pulling the moves off in a dwell problem. You have to come across the appropriate stability involving the two. I also change for other components, this kind of as age and athletic capability. I don’t assume the similar matters out of a person who’s fifty decades old and has hardly ever skilled just before and someone who’s 25 and has been wrestling their whole daily life.

Who is the very best individual you have ever rolled with?

When I was a blue belt I rolled with an old faculty Carlson black belt named Cassio Cardoso. He designed me really feel fully helpless on the mat. I was just about purple belt and I experienced a pretty good guard that numerous black belts experienced difficulties passing. I recall he went by means of my guard like it was butter. It truly is challenging to know how that match would go now that I’m a black belt, so I have to say that considering the fact that I have been a black belt the very best person I’ve rolled with is possibly Damien Maia. I felt rather superior with him, and it was just a welcoming roll, but after he received the dominate placement I was in major problems.

Who is the ideal human being you have at any time competed in opposition to?

When I was a purple belt I bought a silver medal two decades in a row at the Arnold Traditional/Gracie Worlds. The initially yr I missing in the finals to Chris Moriarty 2-. It was a pretty competitive match but he was in a position to sweep me at the stop. The next year I bought my butt kicked in the finals by Matt Jubera, I don’t know the remaining score but it was one thing like 15-2. That was the worst I at any time got conquer in competitiveness. So, all those are probably the two ideal fellas I have competed in opposition to. I’ve defeat some fairly good fellas as well, when I was a blue belt I defeat Ralek Gracie in the 1st American Countrywide Jiu-jitsu Tournament in 2002. I imagine he was only 17 or something at the time. I’ve also beaten professional-fighter Brock Larsen 2 times at NAGA and I gave Eric “Purple” Schafer his only 2010 grappling reduction, but to be honest it was in the gi, which is not his sturdy match.

When was Jay Valko tapped final and with what shift?

In competitiveness the very last time I was submitted was in May 2006 in the NAGA advanced division finals by a person named Ariel Medina. He got me by rear naked choke. I remember likely into the match I was a minor above self-confident for the reason that I had beaten him at the Arnold’s both that year or the year before. He received me rather brief. I was upset so when I observed him enter the absolute division I signed up as effectively (you can find that very best buddy/worst enemy moi thing again). Fortunately, I was ready to defeat him in the rematch. I’m not confident the past time I was tapped in schooling, but it comes about relatively typically. I think it was Allen Causevic who final got me, with a triangle choke.

Jay and Allen

How quite a few instances a 7 days should you educate?

I practice 5-7 times a 7 days and am on the mat 7 days a 7 days until I am on holiday, but it can be also my occupation. I say minimum amount for the normal individual really should be 2 times a 7 days, up to 5 times a 7 days if your overall body can cope with it. Regularity is what is crucial. I feel it really is better to be twice a week, every single 7 days, than to be 5 days a 7 days for a person 7 days a month.

What forms of functions do you do outside of jiu-jitsu?

I elevate very hard twice a 7 days I also educate in judo, wrestling, boxing and mma. Apart from education, I read a ton. I am an economics fanatic and consider to analyze it as significantly as achievable. I’d rank myself at blue belt in econ, but obtaining greater. I like econ, politics, philosophy, and debating these items. I also trade futures out of the Chicago Board of Trade. I’ve been collecting comedian textbooks most my daily life. I utilised to engage in drums but haven’t due to the fact going to Chicago. Each individual so often I take into consideration starting up a BJJ 80’s and 90’s protect band. I like highway outings, my girlfriend and I have driven cross country a several moments and so much that is my favored variety of vacation.

Why is your beard so magnificent?

I’d give my beard a 7 out of 10. Plus, my girlfriend forbids me to shave it. If you want to see a 10 out of 10 be confident to go to our Friday evening no gi class. Our no gi instructor is a brown belt named Mike Cornille and he has the most epic beard of us all.

Thanks so significantly to Jay for using the time to do this interview!

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