Floor Kembativz: Street Answers to Prevalent MMA Set-Ups With Kelly McCann

“Floor Kembativz: Road Options to Common MMA Set-Ups” with Kelly McCann is volume 6 of the “Kelly McCann’s Crucible Superior-Possibility Environment Instruction” sequence. In this DVD, manufactured by Paladin Push, McCann addresses how to deal with some of the additional prevalent circumstances you may possibly face if you will have to fight an opponent with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) techniques, irrespective if they coach in MMA, or just come about to be a brawler who has picked a number of factors up together the way.

If you want straight ahead, no frills, good instruction on self-defense combatives, you won’t go wrong studying from Kelly McCann. He’s a straight shooter, who calls it like he sees it, and who focuses on combatives for all those who ought to use the competencies when it really counts. He does not instruct “martial arts” or competition competencies, he teaches based on the Crucible’s motto, “Almost nothing we do is competition lawful, mainly because your life’s no game.” This DVD is McCann’s answer, or his avenue remedies, to some of the a lot more well-liked MMA set-ups or assaults.

The system is filmed in what seems to be the Crucible’s garage. There is a car or truck with “Crucible” on the doorway driving McCann. It is also a little bit darkish, but not where by you cannot see the instruction obviously. But it was not filmed in Paladin’s studio. The filming is finished really properly, with clear photo and sound, and there are other scenes and facts included into the software to make details and incorporate wide range. There is also a excellent menu procedure so you can uncover the sections you want to review and follow quickly. So the output values are extremely good.

But what tends to make this DVD truly useful is the instruction. McCann opens with an introduction that has him leaning towards the car or truck and wanting by way of some notes as he describes why he made this DVD and the variations amongst MMA and the road. Immediately after the intro, McCann goes into the established-ups or circumstances he addresses in the system. These contain: The Clinch, Takedowns, Muay Thai Leg Kick, The Triangle Choke, The Rear Bare Choke, The Armbar, Standing Armbars, and The Mount Posture. He then just closes with a few small text at the finish of the mount posture portion.

Most of the DVD has McCann training responses and issues to do versus the assaults mentioned previously mentioned, but in a couple of area he teaches offensive resources these as his variation of the Muay Thai leg kick and a speedy standing arm bar. Some of the defenses require drawing a knife and chopping your way out, but McCann does anxiety that these responses are only for the most major conditions.

This application is an fantastic companion to McCann’s other combatives DVDs, this kind of as “Jim Grover’s Combatives” sequence, “Situational Self-Offense,” and his other Crucible programs. It handles extra techniques and procedures to handle some of the assaults one particular may confront on the street. I really propose this DVD and all of McCann’s applications.

Nicole Thomas

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