Explaining Differences in Softball & Baseball Bats And Why You Shouldn’t Interchange Them

Bats are standard part of baseball and softball equipment. However, baseball and softball bats are different in many ways. Above all, for young softball and baseball players bats are the same. On the other hand, at the adult level there are obvious and important differences between bats. Above all, there is significant difference even in softball. Moreover, a slow-pitch bat is very distinguishable from fast pitch.

The length of the bat is one main difference between softball bats. When one starts to play at a young age, it would differ by up to 3 inches in length. But when an adult plays softball on a slow pitch, it would differ to an inch. The difference at adult fast-pitch would differ to 2 inches in length and in adult baseball would differ up to 3 inches in length. However, there is no difference between softball and baseball bats at the youth level.

After obvious differences in length, the second most vivid difference is that the barrels of baseball bats are fatter than those of softball bats.

One of the rules, which NCAA introduced, is to lower the performance of aluminum bats. NCAA also recommended that the weight in ounces of a bat must be no lesser than 3 in numeric quantity of the length of the bat. So, a 32 inch baseball bat must weigh no lesser than 29 oz. It can be 32 oz, 31 oz, 30 oz or 29 oz but not less than that. The other difference between baseball and softball hitting is in the diameter of the barrels of the bats. Usually the diameter of a baseball barrel is bigger compared to a softball barrel diameter. Hence, baseball bats are fatter than softball. Adult softball bats are much narrower than adult baseball models. One of the main differences is the diameter that differs along the length of the bat.

Then there is so called “Trampoline effect”, which implies the effective barrel stiffness. It comes as a result of distinguishing the elastic properties both baseballs and softballs. In the past, the games of “hardball” and “softball” were called due their “softness”. Today, softballs are not “soft” at all. In dependence of their static and dynamic stiffness, softball can be found as harder than baseball. Along with differences in weights and diameters, they also have different construction and elastic properties

At last, you probably don’t want to use your softball bat in baseball, since it is most likely that your bat would crack or break. Softball bats cannot hold the forces that result of an impact from baseball. You can get good performance and a ball can get off the bet fast, but eventually, you the softball barrel would break. In addition, you would get the same result if you decide to use your fast pitch bat in slow-pitch; most likely, you would ruin it. However, you can try with a slow-pitch bat in a fast-pitch softball, but due to weight you wouldn’t be able to swing well. At last, it would most likely result with a bad hit.

Nicole Thomas

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