8 Important Tips on Internet Advertising to Generate Website Traffic

Internet advertising is a form of Internet marketing, which uses Internet to advertise products or services. It is the cheapest form of Internet marketing, which reaches a number of net surfers throughout the globe.

Some common examples of Internet advertising are social network marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), banners on web pages. Internet marketing business cannot survive without Internet advertising. It is the secret which gets you most of the traffic and promotes your product.

Find your right market. Study the interests of your buyers. Go wherever they surf. Find out users, who will certainly buy your product.

Start with keyword research. Determine what different keywords people use to find your product online. Try to create specific keyword, so that the buyers may easily find it. .

Common Ways of Internet Advertising:

1.CPM (Cost Per Impression)

In this Internet marketing technique, advertisers display their advertisements to specific audience. They pay for per thousand advertisements or many advertisements. Here, M stands for one thousand in roman numerals.

2.CPV (Cost Per Visitor)

Also known as Cost Per View. Advertisers pay whenever the target users reach the advertiser’s website.

3.CPC (Cost Per Click)

Also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). It is the most widely used Internet marketing technique. Advertisers pay to the host website, each time the user clicks on the advertisement and gets redirected to their websites. This technique helps advertisers to fine tune their searches. Host website gets paid only when the ad is clicked. Regardless of whether the user buys the product or not, advertiser has to pay for a click.

4.CPA (Cost Per Action)

This Internet marketing technique is a bit different from the above mentioned ones. Here, the advertiser pays the host only when the redirected user makes any transaction with the advertising website.

5.CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

Here, the advertising on hosts is free. Advertisers pay only when a user interacts with the advertisements in any form in numerous ways.

Other popular ways of Internet market advertising are:

It is a type of Internet broadcasting. This may be costly, but is result oriented.

7.Text links

These are hyperlinks to other web pages, usually inserted in newsletters and e-mails. When clicked, they take the visitors to the desired web page.


Submit your site to popular search engines with probable search keywords, so that it gets listed in the top 10 search results.

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